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big iq kids

I was thrilled when Big IQ Kids agreed to work with me! I have been looking for some affordable online home school curriculum options for my kiddos, and Big IQ Kids’ online program is working out perfectly for us!
I received a year long subscription for Iris and Olivia in exchange for reviews of this service on my blog. All opinions are still my own, and I hope you enjoy learning about Big IQ Kids!

I started out by creating an account for each child, they each have their own log in ID and password, so they don’t have to worry about logging in and accidentally choosing the wrong profile. It really makes this website easier to use.

There are several subjects to choose from so you can create your own bundle using the subjects your child needs, or buy the whole bundle together for a huge discount!


About the Bundles/Pricing:

Bundle Package – The Bundle Package contains all of the sections listed below! It’s an exceptional value and great for any age, there is even a huge discount if you are buying the Bundle for multiple children, each additional child is only an added $10-$20!  Pricing: 1 member = $79.99, 2 members = 99.99, 3 members = 109.99, 4 members = 129.99, 5 members = $149.99

Premium Spelling JR – The weekly spelling test is your child’s first encounter with scholastic evaluation in today’s highly competitive environment. is an interactive tool designed to prepare children for these tests by utilizing a fun, dynamic and “Mommy Free” approach.

Premium Math Facts – The BigIQkids PREMIUM Math program has ability to monitor the progress of the student and advance that student only when mastery of the subject matter has been achieved.

Spelling + Vocab – There is a free Spelling and Vocab program, or you can upgrade for only $24.99 for a year. The upgraded version allows you to get and save progress reports.

Premium US States Program – BigIQkids U.S. States Program utilizes an advanced leveling method which monitors your students proficiency on their road to mastering the USA subject matter through our daily lessons.

Vowel Program – This smaller program focuses on mastering memorization of the vowels and lessons on the types of vowels.

SAT Vocab Prep – BigIQKids SAT Vocabulary Prep program offers a NEW way to learn 5000 SAT words to mastery! This program is perfectly designed to help students learn SAT vocabulary words through daily lessons.


My homeschooled children are 9 and 4, and while my 4 year old can’t work on lessons alone, she does very will with either her sister, or me working with her to explain the lessons and help her click the right choices. I especially love the US States Program, learning about the states can sometimes be a little overwhelming for students. There are just so many of them! In this program, students study one state at a time. They are given a few facts, on the state they are studying, and then given a quiz at the end.


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